Rake Back programs

To understand rakeback, you first need to know what rake is. The rake is a fee that online poker rooms charge on every pot. Typically the rake equals about 5 percent of ring game pots with a cap usually at $5. You also pay rake when you enter a tournament. The standard tournament fee is 10 percent of the buy-in.

This might not sound like much but when you play hundreds or even thousands of hands each month, you are paying a lot of rake. A serious small stakes player could easily end up paying more than $1,000 in rake each month. No wonder that many poker players are looking into rakeback. Plenty of online poker rooms no offer to give you part of your rake back. These poker rooms usually offer players between 25% and 60% of their rakeback. Here is a list of some of the poker rooms currently offering rakeback:

  • Bet365 Poker (Prima)
  • Royal Vegas Poker (Prima)
  • Betfair (Cryptologic)
  • Sun Poker (Cryptologic)
  • InterPoker (Cryptologic) .
  • William Hill (Cryptologic)
  • Empire Poker (Former Party Poker Skin)
  • EuroBet (Former Party Poker Skin)
  • MultiPoker (Former Party Poker Skin)
  • Doyle’s Room
  • Ultimate Bet
  • Hollywood Poker
  • Noble Poker (iPoker)
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Absolute Poker
  • Ladbrokes Poker

The list of poker rooms offering rakeback is bound to grow quickly as more and more players become aware of the advantages of rakeback.

The rakeback you will end up getting from a poker room is calculated as your monthly gross revenue (the total rake you have paid minus any bonuses you have gotten from the poker room) multiplied by your rakeback percentage. For example, your monthly gross revenue might be $1000 and your rakeback percentage 25. In this case, your rakeback would be $1,000 x 0.25 = $250.

Finding out how much rake you have paid in a given month is usual a very simple thing as most rakeback sites give you access to stats like these.

All different poker variations are eligible for rakeback and in most poker rooms tournament fees also counts toward rakeback.

One thing to be aware of is that you usually can’t get a rakeback deal from a poker room you have already signed up with. However, on some networks, it’s possible to switch skins and sign up for a rakeback deal at another room in the network.