Online Casino Bonus

When you first register and deposit money to a new online casino you will get a welcome bonus. This is almost always true although there are a low number of casinos that do not offer any bonuses. These casinos are however the exception from the rule. The size  and shape of the bonus can vary greatly between different casinos. The size of the bonus will usually depend on how much money you deposit to your account when you make your first deposit. Some casinos offer you bonuses on your second and third deposit as well. A small number of casinos give you a bonus on all deposits.

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Most casinos offer regular campaigns and rewards available to loyal gamblers. You can in other words expect to get regular bonuses and free spins as a member of an online casino. The more well managed a casino is the more bonuses will they usually offer. You can however never judge a casino simply based on the bonuses they offer. Some bad casinos offer a lot of bonuses and some very good casinos offer almost no bonuses at all.

A bonus should never be the main reason for joining a casino. Choose the best casino you can find and benefit from their bonus. Do not find a good bonus and register at casino simply to get the bonus. You will come to regret it.

On this page we are going to look a little closer on the most common types of bonuses, when you get them, and what you should consider before accepting them.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a free bonus that you get without having to deposit any of your own money into your account. These bonuses are usually very small but are still well worth claiming since they are 100% free. There is no down side to accepting them. In most case you only need to register to the casino and verify your email address to get the no deposit bonus. You never have to enter your credit card information. No deposit bonuses can be either a cash bonus or consist of free spins. It is rare for a no deposit bonus to be worth more than USD 15.

There are a number of different website that lists where you can find a good free online casino bonus. ( click the link to go to our favorite website)

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is the bonus you get when you make your first deposit.  They are usually stated as a percentage. You might as an example get 200% up to USD2000 in bonus. What this means is that the biggest bonus you can get is 2000. To get 2000 you will have to deposit 1000 when you make your first deposit. 200% of 1000 is 2000. In this case you would in other words get 3000 in your casino account if you deposit 1000.

bonusAlmost all bonuses are associated with wager requirements. These wager requirements can be very different at different sites. You should always read the fine print and the wager requirement before you accept a bonus. The wager requirement will decide whether a bonus is generous or not. A small bonus with a low wager requirement is a lot more generous than a high one with a large wager requirement. If the wager requirement is high than the banks edge will make it almost impossible to benefit from the bonus.

It is important to know that all games are usually not included in the wager requirements. Other games does count towards the requirement but only with a fraction of their actual value. An example of this is black jack that usually only countswith 10% of the bet size towards the wager requirement. This means that if the wager requirement states that you need to turn the money over 40x than you will have to turn it over 400x if you play blackjack. 10% of 400 is 40.

Lets look at an example: You get a bonus worth 2000. The bonus have to be bet 40 times before the wager requirement is met. You choose to play blackjack which only counts by 10%.. In this example you will need to turn over 2000*40*10 = 800 000 to met the wager requirement.

It is common that you are unable to withdraw any money from your account until you met the wager requirements.

Sometimes it can be better to not accept any bonus. You should only accept a bonus if you feel certain that you can reach the wager requirement.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is similar to the welcome bonus with the notable exception that it is given to you to allow you a chance to add a little extra money to your account if you make a new deposit. Far from all casinos offer reload bonuses. Among the casinos that do it can be a part of a special campaign or a feature that is always available on certain days.

Reload bonuses can be a nice feature if you are running low of funds. You should however only accept one if you are certain you can met the wager requirement.

Free spin

It is rather common for casinos to offer free spin to new and established players. They do this for a large number of different reasons. To get the player to log in on a certain day, to keep the gamblers active on the site, to celebrate anniversaries or mile stone and to give gamblers a chance to try new games.

It is almost always a good idea to accept free spins. If you win money than the money is usually considered a bonus and you will have to fulfill a wager requirement before you can take the money out.

VIP bonus

Many casinos offer VIP clubs and award loyal gamblers with special bonuses. These bonuses can be different depending on how much you gamble and how high stakes you gamble with. A VIP bonus can be anything from a few free spins to travel packages to real world casinos.