Binion’s Gambling Hall

In 1951, Billy Binion opened a casino in Downtown Las Vegas that was to become one of the most famous of all the casinos in Las Vegas. It was a trailblazer in many regards, and it was instance here that he World Series of Poker (WSOP) blossomed into the huge international poker event that it is today.


Today, Binion’s Gambling Hall is owned by TLC Casino Enterprises and is marketed as a place for “Good Food – Good Whiskey – Good Gambling”. The hotel part of Binion’s was closed down in 2009, but you can stay at the sister-property Four Queens Hotel which is located right across the street.

The Casino

Binion’s Gambling Hall of most famous for its poker (cash game and tournaments), but also offers other table games, slots, video poker, race betting and sports betting. Examples of available table games are Roulette, Craps, Progressive 3 Card Poker, Let-It-Ride, and Pai Gow.

Binion’s Poker Room sports ten poker tables and large TV:s. There is a $4 rake on all cash games and $2 in comps per hour on rated live poker play. Poker players can also enjoy special room rates at the Four Queens Hotel.

Binion’s Poker Room is famous for attracting amateurs and professionals alike. If you play for fun then you should expect to leave the poker room with less money and more experiences than what you walked in with. If you want to know how to become a pro yourself then we recommend that you read the guide provided by Royal. The Guide will help you decide if you have what it takes to become a professional player.

Binion’s – an integral part of Las Vegas’ history

binnions2In 1951, a man named Benny Binion purchased the Eldorado Club and the Apache Hotel on Freemont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. This was during an era when The Strip had not been developed yet and most of the gambling in Las Vegas took place in Downtown Las Vegas.

Benny Binion merged the Eldorado Club with the Apache Hotel to form the Horseshoe Casino. The casino was renovated to look like the interior of an old-fashioned river boat, with a low ceiling and velvet-covered walls.

The Horseshoe Casino was a trailblazer in many regards. In an era where the other casinos were falling over themselves trying to compete with each other by staging increasingly expensive and spectacular shows, the Horseshoe Casino kept its focus on gambling. It did for instance have a craps table with a max bet of $500 in the early 1950’s when most Las Vegas casinos would not allow anyone to make a bet larger than $50 at the craps table. Eventually, Binion raised the limit to $10,000 before removing it completely. An usual aspect of the Horseshoe Casino was that these huge bets were made in the general gambling area since there was no separate VIP-room. Benny Binion also broke new ground by giving all players, not just the high stakes gamblers, the opportunity to gather comp points.

The Horseshoe Casino stayed with the Binion family until 2004, when it was shold to Harrah’s Entertainment who wanted to gain the rights to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) trademark. Harrah’s moved the World Series of Poker event to Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, while selling the rest of the Horseshoe Casino business to MRT Gaming Group.

In 2005, the Horseshoe Casino was renamed Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel in honor of its founder. Three years later it was sold to TLC Casino Enterprises who closed the 366 hotel rooms and focused on the casino aspect of the business.